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Ornaments! Leaf skeletons, hand-carved wood spirit ornaments by William Janelle, glass icicles by Aaron Slater, fused glass robots by Linda Banks.
Cardinals in the Viburnum reproduction in Maine-made birch frame by Nancy White Cassidy; decorated gourd with turquoise beads by Ron King.
Handwoven chenille and silk blend scarves by Celeste Bellemare.
Bracelets for men & for women by Cynthia Battista.

Fused glass holiday pins by Linda Banks.

Kiln-fired and hand-painted clay whistles by Barbara Boxer.

Acrylic landscapes by Ernest O. Brown.

Hand-turned pens by Glen Eskedal.

Oil paintings by Gaye Freeborn.

Acrylic landscapes in handmade frames by Don Gemmecke.

Kinetic mobile scultpures by Peter Blue.

Pastel and watercolor paintings by Terri Brooks.

Acrylic painting by Ernest O. Brown; kaledioscopes by
The Sea Parrot.

Oil paintings by Bridget Grady.

Hand-carved wood spirits by William Janelle; hand-felted wall hanging by Lyn Falcone.

Nuno felted scarves by Lyn Falcone.

Handforged PMC jewelry and hand-carved miniature sculptures by Michela Verani.
Handmade silver and fine metals jewelry by Cynthia Battista.

Decoupage art pins by Jan Eskedal.
Handforged jewelry by Jackie Haines.

Handwoven bamboo fiber scarves and handwoven balsam pillows by Elizabeth Hunter.
Handforged rings and pendants by Wendy Wetherbee.

Functional ceramics by Cathie Cantara; felted runner by Lyn Falcone; handwoven napkins by Suzanne Rowan.
Turned wood bowl by Chris Cushman; fused glass bowl by Linda Banks; ceramics by Marcia Taylor.
Handmade jewelry by Laura Guptill.

Steampunk airship by Joe Keller.

Decorated gourds by Ron King.

Mokume gane handmade jewelry by Lisa Jane Grant.

Maine-made birch and barnboard frames.
Colorful aluminum mobiles by Peter Blue.

Woodcuts by Anne Garland.

Handcarved and painted birds by Joe Klementovich.

Vintage glass jewel lamps by Mike Sleeper; handwoven placemats & runner by Suzanne Rowan; mugs and bread boat by Muddy Girls Studio; acrylic paintings by Ernest O. Brown; saggar fired ceramics by Cathie Cantara; covered jar by Marcia Taylor.
Fused glass plates by Linda Banks; blown glass bowl & gourds by Aron Leaman; painting by Linda Peduzzi.
Moonfaces by Cheryl Lichwell.

Handforged fine jewelry by Barbara Smith McLaughlin.
Fused glass jewelry by Momo Glass.
Ceramic vases by Cathie Cantara; mugs by Muddy Girls Studio; turned wood bowl by Chris Cushman; fused glass plate by Linda Banks.
Oil painting by Gwen Nagel.

Silver jewelry by Linda Sorensen.
Blown glass paperweights by Aron Leaman.

Pastels and oil paintings by Gwen Nagel.

Just a Dusting reproduction in Maine-made birch frame by Nancy White Cassidy.

More ornaments! Jackson covered bridge ornaments; iridescent fused glass sunburst by Linda Banks; oak leaf skeleton ornament; dichroic leaded glass ornaments by Michael Sleeper.
Through the lens of the Cousteau kaleidoscope by
The Sea Parrot.

Handwoven placemats and runners by Suzanne Rowan.

Lampworked glass marbles by Aaron Slater.

Scarves by a variety of fiber artists; wood necklaces by Elizabeth Hunter.
Ceramic plates and foreground vase by Cathie Cantara; tall vases in rear by Muddy Girls Studio; cement plaque by Forma Studio; turned wood bowl by Chris Cushman.
Suncatchers with vintage glass jewels and dichroic glass by Michael Sleeper.

Steampunk starship lamp by Joe Keller.

Kiln-fired and hand-painted clay whistles by Barbara Boxer.
Functional ceramics and small vase by Cathie Cantara; tall embellished canister by Marcia Taylor.
Turned wood implements by Glen Eskedal.
Oil paintings by Gaye Freeborn.

Handwoven silk or alpaca scarves by Ron King.
Blown glass vases and gourds by Aron Leaman; decorated mirror by Keller-MacLeod.
Whimsical ceramic and mixed media sculptures by Cheryl Lichwell; turned wood by Bruce Curtis-McLane and by Chris Cushman; covered ceramic and wood bowl by Marcia Taylor and Chris Cushman.
Oil paintings by Linda Peduzzi.

Handwoven table linens by Suzanne Rowan.
Oil and pastel paintings by Sean Stull.
Ceramic bowl by Cathie Cantara; vessels by Marcia Taylor.

Nuno felted scarves by Lyn Falcone; embellished ceramic bowl by Marcia Taylor.
Pastel landscape by Sean Stull.
Acrylic landscapes by Don Gemmecke; suncatchers by Michael Sleeper.
Scarves by Linda Spear.
Fused glass dot earrings by Linda Banks.

Fine silver or copper pendants by Michela Verani.

Fused glass sushi sets and doily glass by Linda Banks

Ceramic ornaments by Wayne Village Pottery.

Ceramic vessels by Marcia Taylor; birch plate by Muddy Girls Studio; fused glass doily dishes by Linda Banks.
Pastel by Terri Brooks.

Polar Bear Coffee reproduction in Maine-made birch frame by Nancy White Cassidy; mountain and fern fused glass dishes by Linda Banks.

Enamel and sterling jewelry by Jan Eskedal.
Mokume gane necklace and jewelry by Lisa Jane Grant.

Handforged bracelet by Wendy Wetherbee.

Fused glass abstract angel pins by Linda Banks.

Mermaid suncatcher by Michael Sleeper.

Fine jewelry by Barbara Smith McLaughlin.

Fine silver and beaded jewelry by Jackie Haines.

Landscapes in oil by Bridget Grady.

Turned bowls & platters by Chris Cushman.

Acrylic painting by Ernest O. Brown.

Handforged jewelry by Laura Guptill.
Steampunk lamps by Joe Keller.

Turned bowls by Bruce Curtis-McLane.



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