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What's New in the Gallery!

We have a lot going on in the gallery! New artists have joined our current group of artists...we now have forty artists from all over New England, with most living and working in the Mount Washington Valley.

Most importantly...NOTHING in the gallery is imported!

4 Saturdays, 4 Events!

Week 1: Saturday, October 3

Award-winning woodcarver WILLIAM JANELLE

Carving demonstration: 11am - 2pm
Meet the Artist/Complimentary wine or cider: 2pm - 4pm

Week 2: Saturday, October 10

Landscape Painter/Pastellist SEAN STULL Exhibit from 10am - 4pm
Meet the Artist/Complimentary wine or cider: 2pm - 4pm

Week 3: Saturday, October 17

Jewelry Designer and Metalsmith BARBARA SMITH MCLAUGHLIN Exhibit from 10 - 4
Meet the Artist/Complimentary wine or cider: 2pm - 4pm

Week 4: Saturday, October 24

Exhibit from 10 - 4
Meet the Artist/Complimentary wine or cider: 2pm - 4pm


Recently, yours truly, Nancy White Cassidy, traveled to some of the artists' studios in Massachusetts and Connecticut to pick up new work. And I came back with a few photos. I visited the studios of glass artist Aaron Slater, fused glass artist Linda Banks, jeweler Cynthia Battista, painter and illustrator Ilene Richard, ceramics artist Marcia Taylor and glassblower Aron Leaman. Aron was the only person I was unable to photograph...and for a good reason: he was just with his wife and newborn son at the hospital and rushed over to meet with me! So no time for photos! Meet some of your artists below!

One of the reasons I do this is to learn as much as I can about the artist and their work. Not only does it make MY job richer, but I am able to describe, with greater accuracy, the process by which these amazing craftspersons and artists achieve their work. In the end, our customers benefit by these studio visits!

Flameworker Aaron Slater, working in his studio. The circular forms with the metal handles near his torch are the molds he uses for his incredible marbles. Aaron's work is widely collected by marble enthusiasts and we are so honored to have his work in our gallery. And when you visit, check out his glass rings and ornaments!
Artist and illustrator Ilene Richard is the creator of the fabulous dog cards and reproductions we carry. Here she is, peeking out from behind one of her very large paintings to show us the size of her dog paintings! And Ilene will do the Gallery for more information!

Ceramics artist extraordinaire Marcia Taylor was showing her latest Hedgehog Jar. No two pieces are ever alike, but are all totally recognizable as a Marcia Taylor. We have THE most amazing new pieces of her work, so please stop in to see them before they sell!

Prolific fused glass artist, Linda Banks, is shown here preparing some dichroic glass earrings for the kiln. Linda is our most popular artist...and we have a wide assortment of her beautiful glass at the Gallery. Weed ash, blue or green doily glass, mountain and fern plates, dragonfly plates, four seasons decorative plates...not to mention her jewelry! The list goes on and on!

Cynthia Battista stopped by Linda Banks' studio to give me some new jewelry from her men's line of Artifact Jewelry. Really unique pieces!
Men's bracelets with mixed metal embellishments, hand-hammered and forged belt buckles, unisex necklaces. Wonderful work!

See you soon at THE GALLERY!

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