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Bob & Elissa Rioux - Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes


American kaleidoscope designers, Bob and Elissa Rioux, have been working with glass since 1976. Using their skill and creativity they design and create glass kaleidoscopes that are beautiful works of art.

The Brewster Society, an international organization for kaleidoscope enthusiasts, has honored The Sea Parrot with several awards for its kaleidoscopes. The Sea Parrot is known for incorporating unique fused dichroic glass and iridescent stained glass in their designs, using detailed glass embellishments and having especially brilliant colors in the images within.

These kaleidoscopes are in collections all over the world. The Sea Parrot takes pride in creating unique and original stained and blown glass kaleidoscopes for both the first time buyer as well as the experienced collector. Bob and Elissa work from their Kennebunkport, Maine studio where the ocean and the beautiful surrounding nature continue to inspire them.

The Cassidy Gallery is proud to be the exclusive New Hampshire gallery for Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes!


The kaleidoscopes shown below are available at the Gallery.
To purchase, or for more information, contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074

Cousteau Kaleidoscope-Reef

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Cousteau Kaleidoscope-Blue

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Jewels Kaleidoscope

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Imagine Kaleidoscope-White

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Candy Cane Kaleidoscope-Black

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Mod Green Kaleidoscope

Cousteau Kaleidoscope-Teal

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Naples Tomato Kaleidoscope

Sea Parrot Kaleidosope
Imagine Kaleidoscope-Teal

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Candy Cane Kaleidoscopes-l-r: Blue, Turquoise, Blue Iridescent

Sea Parrot KaleidoscopesChristmas Ornament Kaleidoscope

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Marble Mini Kaleidoscopes

Cousteau Kaleidoscope-Butterscotch

Sea Parrot Kaleidosopes
Standing Time Machine Kaleidoscope-Teal

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscope
Firestar Kaleidoscope

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Candy Cane Kaleidoscope-Orange

Sea Parrot Kaleidoscopes
Christmas Tree Kaleidoscope



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