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Momo Glassworks

Western, MA artists Edo Mor and Rosario Torres are a husband and wife team of fused glass artists, creating exquisite jewelry in lines they call "Glass Canvas" and "Bright Mosaic". Rosario Torres is of Argentine extraction, born in Tandil in the Province of Buenos Aires. She learned the basics of vitrofusion (glass fusing) in the workshop of a neighbor who taught classes nearby while living in Buenos Aires. Edo Mor was born in Ramat Ha'Sharon in Israel and moved to the US at the age of nine. He met Rosario while backpacking in Spain, near Jaen in Andalucia. They began traveling together, were soon living together, and shortly after, began working together with glass. It was a love affair, a creative rapport, and a language intensive, all in one. Edo and Rosario married settled just outside the town of Northampton, MA.

Much of the glass they use in their unique designs is 'up-cycled' (recycled, in other words), making certain collections of their work eco-friendly.

Their 'Glass Canvas' designs consist of painting in between two layers of glass and collaging with metal inclusion. Any wire that goes through the ear in the 'Glass Canvas' line is sterling silver.

The "Bright Mosaic" line is like mosaic work -- an assemblage of different-colored, different-shaped glass is arranged and fired together to become one piece. The pendants and earrings are then selectively cut from this mosaic sheet and fired again to make the final piece. Dichroic and iridescent glass is used in combination with solid colored glass to add some brightness and sparkle to the piece.

To give them their silver frame, they grind a groove into the side of the glass and use the groove to wrap the nickel-free Argentium silver wire (nickel causes allergic reactions in some people). This gives them a nice framed look without getting too heavy. Ear wires are also (nickel-free) Argentium silver.

The Cassidy Gallery is proud to be the exclusive gallery for Momo Glass in the Mt. Washington Valley and North Country.


The work shown is currently available, but other work not shown may be available upon request.
To purchase, or for more information, contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074


GAL-GC225 - "The Magician" Pendant. Two layers of fused 4mm transparent glass, painting in between,collaging with metal inclusion. Bail is silver-plated brass with a lacquer finish to protect it & to minimize tarnishing. Cable or silver chain sold separately.

Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-BM105 (left), GAL-GC060 (center),
GAL-GC106 (right)

Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-BM122 (left), GAL-CG188 (center),
GAL-BM800 (right)



Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-GC119 (left), GAL-GC121 (center),
GAL-GC129 (right)

Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-REDLG (left), GAL-GC137 (center),
GAL-REDSQ (right)

Fused Glass Pendants: GAL-GC222 (left) "Halkidiki", GAL-GC256 (center) "Leaf Medallion", GAL-GC224 (right) "Underwater"
(cable or chain sold separately)

Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-GC143 (left), GAL-GC113 (center),
GAL-BM154 (right)

Fused Glass Earrings: GAL-GC155 (left), GAL-GC167 (center),

Our selection of Momo Glass is added to, or changes, periodically. For more information on availability, please contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074

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