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Cheryl Lichwell - Ceramics & Mixed Media

The Cassidy Gallery is pleased to introduce the work of artist Cheryl Lichwell from the Maine coast. Cheryl works in a variety of media: ceramics, found & repurposed objects, fabric and more. Of her work, Cheryl says: "It always amazes me how people seek to emotionally protect themselves. As social beings, we all want to hide certain aspects of ourselves that we deem private. It is how we protect that private place, inner child or inner demon that fascinates me.

"In my work I have compared those emotional responses to the way animals physically protect themselves. I take the cue from the animal to express its protective measures and add the human element. In using that animal/human language I seek to hold a mirror up to the viewer and ask him/her to look at their own ways in which they express those protective means.

"How many have used aggression or distraction to escape a truth?  Or hidden a part of ourselves that we think won't be acceptable by running,lying, or putting on a false front? These strategies are universal to the human condition. They transcend language and social structure. They are part of all of us."

Curently, we offer Cheryl's "Moon Faces" (may be used in the garden during temperate months, inspired by the 50s & 60s TV show "The Honeymooners"), and a few of her sculptures in clay and silicone. Please ask us for images of other work not currently represented in the gallery.


The work shown is currently available, but other work not shown may be available upon request.
To purchase, or for more information, contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074

Cheryl Lichwell
Moon Faces (all different & sold separately)
Ceramic with acrylic glazes, cold floor wax
May be used in the garden during temperate months

Cathie Cantara
Ceramic, mixed media

Cathie Cantara
Ceramic, silicone, acrylic paint, manmade pearls
(call for availability)

Cathie Cantara
Ceramic, repurposed clock parts

Cheryl Lichwell-Wingfish
Ceramic, mixed media
Cheryl Lichwell-Lunch
Ceramic, mixed media
Cheryl Lichwell-Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Ceramic, mixed media

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