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Barbara Boxer - Tribal Trills Whistles & Plaques

"From Aardvarks to Zebras" is how Eaton, NH artist Barbara Boxer describes her line of handmade, creatively handpainted and signed clay whistles.

These one-of-a-kind creations are individually hand-sculpted from stoneware clay, kiln-fired and decorated with non-toxic acrylic paints. The designs used in painting are influenced by Tribal Art from around the world and from Nature.

Barbara's whistles are created in the forms of stylized animals, fantasy creatures, and tribal masks. The clay whistles are created with unique tonal qualities depending on shape & size (volume of the piece.) The number and placement of finger holes allows for variation in pitch and in some cases, changes in octaves. Whistles are available as sculptures or pendants.

Many of Barbara's creatures appear on her lapel pins. The Gallery also features a wide assortment of stylized animal plaques, some on wood, but all ready to hang.


The work shown is currently available, but other work not shown may be available upon request.
To purchase, or for more information, contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074


Standing Owl Clay Whistle

Black Bear Clay Whistle

Reclining Dog Clay Whistle

Camel Clay Whistle

Wood Duck Clay Whistle

Cardinal Clay Whistles

Front-Facing Clay Moose Plaque

Zebra Clay Plaque

Green-Eyed Cat Clay Plaque

Clay Lapel Pins

Gray Wolf Clay Whistle

Sitting Dog Clay Whistle

Dove Clay Whistle

Screech Owl Clay Whistle

Long-nosed Lizard Whistle

Moose Profile Clay Plaque

Giraffe Clay Plaque

Flicker on Wood Clay Plaque

Red Fox Clay Whistle

Collie Clay Whistle

Raven Clay Whistle

Loon Clay Whistle

Clay Whistle-Pendants on Adjustable Cords

Bear Family Clay Plaque

Polar Bear and Cub Clay Plaque

Hummingbird Clay Plaque

Hand-Painted Bird House

Koala Clay Whistle

Burro Clay Whistle

Bald Eagle Clay Whistle

Perched Owl Clay & Wood Plaque

Owl Trio Clay & Wood Plaque

Gray Wolf Clay Plaque

Kangaroo and Joey Clay Plaque

Nuthatch on Bark Clay Plaque


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For more information on availability or to commission custom work from this artist, please contact the Gallery: (603) 662-2074

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